Imagine working tirelessly for months on writing a song, shooting a music video, producing it, and going through all the distribution process, only to realize your song has not even crossed the 1k views threshold. We understand how much frustration that can cause, but the nagging and weeping phase can’t last forever; get up on your feet and keep reading for more tips and tricks on how to secure solid views.

In this day and age, the music industry is becoming a crowded pool full of talents, which is why it is extremely important to come up with the right strategy to promote yourself and your work.

Below are a few tips for promoting your songs or and brands through videos. 

  • TikTok: We are deliberately starting with the chart controller, aka TikTok, which currently has a strong say in the music industry. 

Take Olivia Rodrigo for instance, she achieved skyrocketing fame thanks to TikTok. The artist’s debut single “Driver’s License” was used by almost every TikToker, which ultimately increased Olivia’s streamings, making her top the charts. What helped Olivia were three main factors: the first one was that her project had a narrative that captured people’s attention, the second was her marketing strategy on TikTok, and finally the catchy chorus she composed for the song. 

The takeaway from this example is that whenever you release a song, be sure to distribute it on TikTok as well and keep using it throughout your TikTok videos. If that does not work out, be sure to pay influencers who have a large fanbase to use your song in their videos. 

  • Teaser Videos: 

Build up hype by dropping teaser videos of your forthcoming single. Teasers are usually short, not more than a minute (max) and usually, artists pick up the most catchy segment of the song or visuals and promote it to fans. BTS’s “Butter,” the number 1 trending video on YouTube, is a perfect example of why teasers are so important. 

  • Social Media: Artists, no matter what genre they come from, should have a clear 

understanding of their personality and character. Meaning one should write down his/ her weaknesses and strengths and build up a strategy based on them. Take Lewis Capaldi for instance, his Instagram account is solely based on him entertaining his 5.5 million followers; but whenever he posts a teaser about an upcoming project, his audience quickly converts to supporters. Thus, you can be like Lewis, an entertainer and a musician, or drop inspirational content, or even be a blogger, documenting your day-to-day activity to your fans. 

Ads: This might seem to be corny, but believe me, it has a remarkable potential in stepping up your music journey. By ads, we do not mean the old fashion ads, but digital ads to be delivered on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube. To succeed with this strategy, be sure to choose the catchiest segment of your track as well. Also, partner with brands with fan bases similar to yours, to secure a high conversion rate. 

In a nutshell, it is crucial to maximize your profits and minimize your losses, but to achieve that, you need to have a strong fanbase. How to do that? Simply through engaging with fans and reaching out to other potential ones. 

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