It is general knowledge that collaborations make an essential part of many artists and musicians’ work process. If you are an emerging artist, collaborating with your peers could be the best strategy for increasing your exposure. However, the process can be a challenging one. But don’t worry, we have prepared the ultimate guide to arm you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to start your collaborative journey. 

Live Streams:

Live streaming has become a must, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. Live streams allows fans to instantly join the artist’s hosted event from the comfort of their home. Usually, live Streams are recommended for solo performances, yet good logistics can also provide room for collaboration. You could host a big online concert with several artists, where different fan bases can join the event. 

Be flexible:

This could sound easy, but it is probably one of the most challenging parts of the process. To create outstanding work, you should welcome new ideas. For instance, your partner might want to merge two different genres, or suggest using other DAWs (music production software), so be ready for experimentations. This does not mean that you should always be a ‘yes man,’ but whenever you feel like proposing an idea, make sure to be polite and constructive. 

Instagram it:

Social media platforms have proved to be crucial in promoting artists’ work, especially if it is a collaboration. Promoting a new collab online can help you and your partner benefit from each others’ fan bases, with the ultimate aim of reaching a wider audience.  

Use Clouds: 

Store your work in clouds. Usually, high-quality audio files require large spaces. Thus, you could use Dropbox or other clouds to ensure that your work is being stored without saturating your computer. 

Final Thoughts:

Collaborations have the potential of opening up some wonderful opportunities since you can reach out to any artists you want, which is truly revolutionary! You can connect to your favorite artists, but be sure not to look like a crazed fan. Always keep it professional. 

Additionally, before starting your work, you should pan the expected outcome of the process, highlighting the needed resources and potential obstacles in advance. To have a successful collaborative project, make sure to choose someone you are comfortable in sharing your ideas with, otherwise the process will bore you to death.

Also, you must ensure a smooth communication with each other at each and every step of the collaboration. 

P.S. Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s “Stuck With You” is a perfect example of successful remote collaborations. For more useful tips and tricks, always check MusicPromoToday’s Blog and Instagram account.