For many, music is an integral part of everyday life. While people’s preferences regarding genres and style may differ, music holds power to connect people and boost their energy. Just as many experiences with their sense of smell, music can trigger various memories. For instance, if you viewed an advertisement on Television or the internet with a particular song track, regardless of the product being advertised, chances are the next time you hear that song, you will remember the product being shown along. This, in fact, speaks volumes of what music is capable of doing, especially in the world of advertising and branding.

Ideally, filmmakers and show producers tend to rely on their background music to transfer the right feelings and vibes across to the audience. While one cannot argue that the quality of the screenplay is an important factor, music holds just as much power as words can. This brings us to advertisements and promotions. After all, what are ads if not short films trying to get a message across? Like in movies, incorporating music can boast an emotional connection with the viewers or potential consumers, thus helping with the brand’s overall image.

Is Music TRULY Essential in Advertising?

Music is not just an “add-on” to ads; it is an important pillar that can make or break a brand. By selecting just the right tunes to complement the product, advertisers will be shocked by the amount of feedback they may receive from customers. Before doing so, marketers must first fully grasp the brand’s idea and then choose the song to bring that quality best out. It is also important to ensure that the rhythm of the song and the advertisement are both in sync to present a somewhat “united front.”

Moreover, most marketing experts state that it is better to choose a not-so-popular song to mesh into your product advertisement as opposed to a well-known top 10 track. There are many reasons why ad experts avoid popular songs—from the already set psychological effect, it has on people to the difficulty of giving the track a new image. Selecting a new song will help boost your advertisement and make your product or brand stand out even more. For instance, the song “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun was perfectly cast to overshadow “The Dreamers” advertisement by Honda. This is an excellent example of how music can positively affect the outcome of an ad and make it all the more appealing.

Four Ways Music Can Enhance Commercials

Music and advertising have held an inherent mutual relationship for decades—from the black and whites all the way to modern-day social media. Music is known to complement advertisements in numerous ways, such as:

Induce Emotions

One of the reasons commercials have continuously used music is its unmatched ability to bring forth a wide range of emotions. Whether it is an uplifting tune or a melancholic rhythm, the music that is set on the commercials can eventually define its tone.

Tells a Story

More often than not, a commercial is regarded as successful when it clearly delivers the ability to tell a story. Telling a story to your potential customers gives them the ability to relate to the content and view the product or brand as something they need. Take, for instance, any of the latest movies or tv shows that you have seen; music plays a significant role in depicting upcoming storylines. Whether it is dramatic to display fear or upbeat to show a happy scene, music is there every step of the way. The same goes for commercials.

Boost Sales

With the ability to spark emotions and tell a story, music is, without a doubt, a must-have feature for commercials. The music used in the ads sets the tone for the message they are trying to deliver. Suppose a company is advertising for a somewhat younger demographic. In that case, you can see them enlisting the help of modern-day electronic music and more traditional or classic hits for more mature audiences. This is how music reinforces the sale by fortifying the brand. The music sets the audience in just the right mood and sells them the experience.

Sets the Brand Apart from Others

The ultimate goal of creating a brand is to have a uniform image and consistency to attract and sell to audiences properly. This is why it is essential to pay extra attention to every minor detail as the brand is under construction. From the script to imagery and music, companies have to consider it all for a successful debut. The company’s music choice must be fixated on its target audience’s culture.

Whether it is a unique score or a memorable jingle, music is one of the best tools for brands. From TV ads to Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and many others, music is known to transport the consumer to a place that cannot be reached with silence.