SoundCloud and Triller, two of the most successful music discovery platforms, have announced a new partnership that will help emerging artists by launching a dedicated SoundCloud-curated playlist on Triller. It will allow SoundCloud artists access to Triller, and have SoundCloud appear on the Music Discovery page on the Triller app. It’s a great platform with worthwhile options that will enhance engagement and promote aspiring independent artists. All songs are available for Triller users to use in their videos within the app and are updated weekly with new, standout tracks handpicked by music teams at Repost, SoundCloud’s creator services division.

Features of the New Partnership

Triller platform would provide more marketing resources for SoundCloud artists, allowing them to boost their careers. The new partnership comes with good features. For instance, artists can link their Triller profiles to their SoundCloud profiles. SoundCloud’s fan-powered royalties system makes it easier for new listeners to discover more music and allow musicians to grow financially. Also, there will be an opportunity for Triller users to create their “Power Edits,” as a result, artists will tailor their videos to the songs, significantly increasing engagement and exposure.

Mahi de Silva, CEO of Triller, says: “In front of a global audience, emerging artists will now have the opportunity to develop a Triller fan base that is empowered to create, share, and connect.”

Repost by SoundCloud head of artist marketing Allison Moore said, “The latest SoundCloud playlist on Triller provides one more way to elevate and support the rising artists who are developing their careers independently today.”

According to Billboard, the partnership is meant to be a cross-promotional tool for the featured artists, who will not be paid directly to use their music in the Triller app.

On SoundCloud, there are more than 250 million songs from over 30 million musicians. Last year, during the tough times of COVID-19, SoundCloud collaborated with Twitch to get its artists onto the streaming site faster. SoundCloud artists will have access to the viral essence of short-form video sites thanks to this recent partnership with Triller. 

Today, TikTok viral Triller owns over 300 million users, including celebrities who have used it to make their music videos.

With all this in mind, it can be said that the collaboration met with approval. This is a fantastic way for artists to grow independently, elevate, and boost their musical careers.

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