Instagram Reels! You keep hearing Gen Zs talking about it, but still not sure what it is? Don’t worry, we got your back. 

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  • First thing first, what is “Reels” and what’s the fuss around it anyways.

When the feature was released (in late 2019), many assumed that it was going to become another TikTok, and everyone rushed to drop their TikTok videos there.

Soon they realized that despite the similarities between TikTok and Instagram, Reels are very different. 

  • Why and How To Create Reels:

Let’s start with the “why.” Well, because it is fun! No, but seriously, the latest feature expands your creativity thanks to the incorporation of AR effects, an ample library of music that you can use in your videos, timers, countdowns, and many more. It is a huge pool of features at your disposal.

Assuming you are a creator and you want to increase your online exposure or establish a deep connection with your followers. With a good marketing strategy, a well-defined goal, strong pre-production, and the correct utilization of features, you and your content can go viral immediately. And going viral means more exposure, and exposure means more streams/ views/ likes/ purchases. 

Regarding the technical aspects of using the feature, here’s a little help. Just go to the Instagram stories section, and you will see below the “reels” button. Super easy! And if you want to view other creator’s reels (which is always advisable), then you can simply go to the “explore” page and keep scrolling. 

Reels disappear after 24 hours, and should be as short as 15-seconds, unlike TikTok, which supports up to 1-minute videos.

We covered the technical aspects of the feature, as well as its impact in pop culture. Now, it is time to discuss a few other things, which you will absolutely need to grow your business.

  • Make your reels educational: we mentioned it a million times probably, but people usually underestimate it. You must provide your viewers with educational rather than purely promotional content. 
  • Use reels to introduce to your audience the team involved in your business. You can also share behind the scene footage. This will incite your audience’s curiosity. 
  • Generate a well-defined description for your reels, and be sure to use industry-related words and hashtags to maximize exposure.

Just remember to use the following formula: authenticity + creativity = success. 

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