You have probably heard a lot about Clubhouse. Right?

Well, in fact, these past few weeks, Clubhouse made the headlines worldwide, and it seems that its hype is just beginning.  

Before getting into the juicy stuff, what is Clubhouse?

It is an audio-based social media application, where the only way of joining is by receiving invites from existing users. After joining, you will get to listen and participate in people’s live conversations via discussion rooms.

The application has revolutionized communication. With this service, people can hold conversations with one another, and they can only speak whenever the mic is passed on to them. 

Just a side note, the application is only available on iOS, sorry Android users!

Clubhouse and the K-Pop culture:

As the platform is gaining popularity, many K-pop artists have already hopped in and joined the service. 

Take Song Mino for instance, the famous South Korean artist was casually chatting with his fans when the number of attendees in the room escalated to hundreds

Besides Mino, there are plenty of other artists who are joining Clubhouse as well, one of them being Hyomin, a famous South Korean singer-songwriter.  

K-pop artists usually hold online conversations with their fans, but the direct feedback from fans usually makes their thoughts fuzzy, thus many are taking advantage of what Clubhouse has to offer. 

What makes Clubhouse so special?

Clubhouse is another social media platform with a top-down hierarchy, where artists cater the content to users, similarly to other platforms. 

However, on Clubhouse, moderators are the ones facilitating the conversation. The platform is also attracting people from various domains and professions. For instance, employees working at South Korean entertainment companies are regularly holding conversations on the platform. 

For now, Clubhouse is a great place for chit chats between artists and their fans, but it is quite unclear whether other big K-pop icons will join the platform too or not. 

Twitter has also stated that it is working on a similar platform called Spaces, but it is still too early to predict its success in beating Clubhouse.

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