Get your notebook and start writing down the evolving SEO trends that will dominate the future of online marketing and advertising.

Before we jump in and dissect the forthcoming trends, it is important to be aware of the significance of SEOs in hunting customers and retargeting previous clients. Yes, that’s why everyone is now super obsessed with keyword optimization. 

Below are the predicted SEO trends that will dominate the near future:

  1. UX UI Designing: start optimizing your website’s design now! UX UI, includes everything from the layout, the content, the page loading speed, the correct utilization of the spaces, elimination of disruptive ads and pop-ups. In a nutshell, maximizing the user experience. 
  1. Mobile Searches: Since more than half of the world’s web traffic is generated through mobile phones (according to statistica), this means you have, and you should make sure that your website looks top-notch on mobile phones. 
  1. Voice Search Is On The Rise: With the rise in popularity of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, voice searches are on the rise. In the last 12 months, around 58% of consumers have been using voice searches, hence, smartly plan your keyword searches and try to imagine how someone would rephrase their question if they were using their voice. Usually, those who use voice search stick to simple language while asking their question(s).
  1. Search Intent: Try to navigate through the head of your customers and know the intent of their visit. Do they want to purchase your products? Are they looking for educational content? get inside their head and match your needs.
  1. Generate Long contents: longer contents usually gain more shares than shorter ones. However, you must organize and divide your content with meaningful sub-headlines to make it easier for readers. 
  1. Zero-click searchers: remember the time when you searched about something and google provided you with a straightforward answer that you did not even need to click on a website? Well, that’s an example of zero-click searches. It simply means users don’t click on any website, yet they still receive what they were looking for. Frankly, these searches are not useless as you might assume, because they will help you establish business awareness, and if you brilliantly present your business, it might bring exposure to your website. 

Online marketing is rapidly evolving, thus for businesses to excel in the game, they should keep themselves at the forefront of the latest trends and announcements.

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