You could be located on a remote island and still yield as much success as someone in Beverly Hills, as long as you are mastering the essential tactics. The technological advancements and more precisely, globalization’s positive influence have opened the world to each other creating a cosmopolitan and diverse hub for creators. This has surely helped to revolutionize the music industry and make it more inclusive for indigenous and underrepresented communities. The rise of TikTok has also played a remarkable role in further stretching what previous technologies had already achieved.

The gigantic tech firm Apple has recently announced that Apple Music is dropping a new feature called “City Charts” which will feature songs from over 100 cities across the world. 

Assuming, you are from down under (aka Australia), with the help of this feature, you now will be able to know the trendy songs in Russia and Canada by simply checking the chart. This feature was dropped on April 26, with the 14.5 ios update. 

“Explore what’s popular in over 100 cities from all over the world with charts updated daily,” reads the official statement. 

This is not another feature; this could be a killer if utilized correctly. 

But you might be wondering how to increase those streams to make it to the top. Right? The secret is one scroll away. Keep reading…

First thing first, before releasing songs, you have to have a clear understanding of yourself to design your brand. This means you should look at yourself in the mirror and understand your reflection to proceed on designing your brand. You can not be a rockstar and wear outfits from the Victorian era. This does not mean mixing, matching, and experimenting should be off the list, but a few aspects usually come with your overall style and preference.

Besides stream manipulation and other under-the-table activities, know the rules and you will easily win the game. For instance, you must drive your Instagram or Facebook audience to Spotify and make sure that they follow you there as well. Because as an artist, you should not only focus on increasing your likes or comments; it’s the streams that really matter. Therefore, use the needed marketing tactics to convert them to Spotify followers. By doing so, they will also be notified whenever you drop a song. 

Additionally, before dropping a song on a specific streaming platform, pick the ones that would suit you best. If you have done audience segmentation and the results showed that your audience is mostly located in Africa, France, and the United States, then without even thinking twice publish your projects on Spotify (for U.S. audience) and Deezer (for France and Africa). Besides that, harness playlists to your benefit; in other words, be sure to get featured on the “recent releases” or “Hot songs of the week,” or simply create playlists for different occasions and share them with the public. And if you make it to the user-generated playlists, take a moment to celebrate but never forget to analyze the keyword or the algorithm that made you land on X playlist. 

The moral of the story is that, should always keep in mind that your musical journey might be bumpy and tiring, but if it is executed correctly, it will surely pay off. Also, a kind reminder to you and your fellow newbies to always keep up with the latest trends, features, and technologies being developed and be sure to quickly master them.

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