Do you want to be the next Post Malone or Kygo?

If your answer is yes, then make sure to read this ultimate guide prepared to help you boost your SoundCloud profile.

SoundCloud is home to more than 20 million creators, thousands of producers, radio hosts, and venue owners. Hence, your profile must look as professional as possible!

Pay Attention to Details:

Good work is important, however, it is not what catches your audiences’ eye first. It is extremely important to pay attention to the tiniest details.

So it would be useful to first ask yourself these questions:

Does my header fit well? Is it relevant to what I do? Is it original? Does it need resizing?

Having a clean profile with a unique design will surely help you stand out from the crowd.

Focus on Storytelling:

The platform lets you introduce yourself to the world. You must know how to present yourself and tell your story in the shortest way possible. Do not write long paragraphs, because honestly, no one has the time to read long essays. Hence, it is vital to choose the exact words and the right way of telling your story, otherwise, viewers will skip to the next artists.

Also, always double-check what you write and make sure you have no grammatical or structural errors.

Optimize your Bio by adding links:

After writing a concise bio, you can also integrate links to your work and socials. This itself will help your viewers explore your work and will also help those who want to contact you for business inquiries.

Seek professional help:

If you feel like you are struggling in designing your visuals, then look for creative graphic designers and experienced digital marketers to help you in the process.

Use signature artwork shapes:

Creativity is the key! 

Metsä is known for publishing all his tracks in a hexagonal shape. Thus, having signature artwork shapes will help your viewers remember your creative touch.

Listing Order:

Make sure to list your tracks from the most famous to the least famous one. It will convince the audience that your track is worth listening to.

Do the Needed Cleaning: 

Make sure what you post on SoundCloud are your best songs. Having a low sound quality full of distortions and interruptions will harm your reputation. Later on, after establishing yourself on the platform, start pulling out all the tracks that did not do well.

Remember, SoundCloud is not a diary. You have the potential of reaching millions of viewers, thus keep the good ones only.

Team up with other creators:

Never underestimate the power of collaborations. Always search for relevant users who might be interested in working with you. This will enhance your chances for higher visibility and increased recognition.

Other handful tips: 

  • Search for promotional channels to promote your content
  • Do collaborations, covers, and remixes. 
  • Use relevant tags: If it is a cover, then tag the original artist and specify the genre. 
  • Always welcome constructive feedback from your audience. 
  • Have a signature download button
  • Use your band’s name and not your name. But if you are a solo performer, go with your name.

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