Initially when TikTok was launched back in 2016, it was mainly used as a platform for lip syncing. The number of users has jumped to millions and therefore, TikTok has become one of the most entertaining social media platforms out there.

Since the pandemic emerged, many people around the world were forced into lockdowns; this fact contributed to the exponential growth of TikTok. As people started to look for entertaining contents, TikTok expanded it’s options. Considering TikTok was one the most uploaded apps in 2021, the platform can be seen as a model of coming up with different ideas to keep both content creators and viewers entertained.

By the end of last year, numerous users went viral using the #cancelthenoise hashtag. In regards to that, TikTok is now testing the noise reduction feature which will allow users to reduce the background noises and gradually mute them as needed. As a result, the quality of the sound will improve, and this will lead to better content for everyone.

While the noise reduction feature will enhance the quality of the sound, TikTok might reveal another element that can be beneficial for brand creators. Marketers and brand creators will be happy to know that TikTok will enable users to combine video links while uploading another video. Can you imagine adding around 15 videos to a single post? Yes! This is about to happen.
This will significantly benefit brand creators and will bring more profitable opportunities for them.

Eventually, TikTok is evolving from being a fun app to becoming a promotional platform. Furthermore, unlocking such updates in TikTok will make a slow and extraordinary revolution in the digital marketing world. 
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