Instagram is one of the greatest social media apps that contributed to the growth of several businesses and brands these past few years. As social media platforms are highly competitive, Instagram’s updates give a diverse and indirect approach that will help marketers enhance their brands’ exposure in 2022.

Let us navigate through some of these amazing upgrades:

Calendar Tool

If you have a business profile on Instagram, then this news will make you happy. The time has come for marketers to get rid of all apps that provide a long period for data tracking because this information will be obtained by Instagram Insights. The tracking period will double up from 30 to 60 days viewable in Instagram Insights. This will allow marketers to give more detailed data and save a lot of time.

Instagram Fundraising

Throughout the hard times of the pandemic, the economy and many businesses were dramatically impacted by the changes and lockdowns around the world. As a result of these global events, Instagram has released social fundraising which allows users to create fundraisers for their brands. As reported by instagram, “It is a large wave of digital activism responding to the global conversation around racial justice.”

Fundraisers have made it easier for brand owners and start-ups to raise finance for their cause as well as to achieve their dreams of getting into larger markets.

Partnership Inbox

The ideal possibility offered by the partnership inbox will facilitate communication for brands and creators and filter partnership messages in one separate tab- partnership messages.

Marketers will no longer miss any business partnership opportunity and this type of messages and communication will be prioritized in a sub-folder in the direct messages section.

In conclusion, these useful features enable a diversity of chances for marketers to promote their brands and leverage different marketing strategies. 

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