In recent years, streaming services have taken the music industry by storm, offering listeners access to a broad choice of songs and tailored playlists. Yet, with the emergence of tailored playlists and automated suggestions, streaming services are beginning to resemble conventional radio

When this trend continues, it raises serious concerns about the future of music consumption and the role of streaming services in the music industry. In this article, we’ll examine the effects of streaming becoming more like radio and what it means for music fans and artists alike.

Both YouTube Music and Spotify debuted new radio-like capabilities this month. Spotify created an AI-powered voice DJ who will explain why tracks are featured in personalized mixes to consumers. Meanwhile, YouTube Music is expanding its options for customizing streaming radio stations, allowing users to select up to 30 artists and define genre, artist frequency, and the balance of chosen artists vs new recommendations.

What’s Next For Music Fans And Industry?

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