TikTok has been striving for social media supremacy by experimenting with a new feature concept called TikTok Stories. If you’re intrigued about the feature, here’s all you need to know about TikTok Stories. Similarly like Instagram, you take a video, edit and filter it, and post it. You can access a TikToker’s Stories by going into their profile page and clicking on their profile picture. Stories also appear on the “For You” page, implying that they will be combined with TikTok’s regular videos. 

There’s a catch! Posters can see how many people saw their Stories, but they can not identify which individuals viewed them. You can also leave comments on the Stories and they will be posted and not sent to your Direct Messages unlike Instagram. The Stories will normally disappear after 24 hours just like on other social media apps.

Unfortunately, TikTok Stories is still not available to all users. If you’re one of the lucky ones that are included in the piloting phase, you can start experimenting. But if you cannot see the new feature, you’re not even able to view other users’ Stories.

TikTok is definitely seeking to increase its popularity and become the primary social networking app!

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