Electronic Press Kit, also known as EPK is the little bits of information about an artist, be it the bio, his/her works, collaborations, number of views/streams, and even personal photos. If your great vocals and outstanding projects helped you get your foot in the door, let me just tell you that you are not done yet and still have a long way to go. 

In this article we will help you grasp the importance of electronic press kits for artists, we will also provide you with key tips on how to get started and perfect your kit, right now.

First thing first, what’s the purpose behind an EPK? 

These kits will provide booking agents, labels, and the media to know everything about you by simply glimpsing at the kit. 

Get a pen and paper and start taking notes:


First thing first, we have hyperlinks!

Words fail to describe the importance of hyperlinks throughout your press kit. Imagine just randomly mentioning your works without attaching hyperlinks, this could, in fact, decrease your chances of signing a deal because, with all honesty, no one has the time to search for your works one by one.

A compelling bio:

Your bio should be a mirror of your inner self, meaning it should be concise, not boring, yet cover everything about you such as who you are as an artist, your inspirations, what motivates you, etc. The bio should follow storytelling techniques to keep the reader entertained. 

Attach your socials: 

Always attach your socials, but start with the one that you use the most and have the most followers on. Avoid adding accounts just for the sake of adding, only mention the ones where you are active on. Of course, you have to hyperlink them as well! 

Highlight your figures: 

If you have an impressive number of YouTube views or one of your projects hit 100k streams on Spotify, then you can definitely highlight that.

Make it original: 

Don’t copy-paste ideas from other artists, make sure you make it as original as possible. That’s why it is super important to handle this kind of aspect to professionals like agencies that will take care of everything from A to Z. 

Include visuals: 

Press kits usually include more visuals be it the artist’s pictures, graphs, statistics, or artworks. That’s why it is advisable to include; more eye-catching and meaningful visuals and fewer long texts and paragraphs. 

The takeaway of this is to never underestimate the power that press kits hold. As mentioned before, every artist needs one, and without a doubt, it should be updated from now and then as you move forward in your career. The EPK will help you look professional, will decrease the workload on others, as they can refer to this single PDF to get a condensed version of everything they need to know about you.