Spotify, an internationally known streaming service, launched in 2008. Currently, it is home to over 170 million users.

You are wondering how to get started on the platform? Buckle up. We are off to explore some basic strategies you could use to boost your profile.

1. Work on Getting Verified:

Getting the blue tick next to your name should sound like a big deal right? Well, it is a big deal since verified artists usually enjoy more privileges than those who are not. The blue tick facilitates the process of reaching out to influencers. It will also let algorithms notice your work and start suggesting it to a larger audience. The good news is that getting the verification does not require years of hard work and recognition. 

If you want to get the blue badge. Then, you sign up for Spotify for Artists to start your music journey. 

Also, check out this video for a step-to-step guide that will help you get started.  

2. Promote your work on Social Media:

Make sure you are using the right social media platform. Spotify lets you share your music on different platforms; thus, this could be a way of increasing your exposure. However, it is also crucial that you do not spam your audience. Make sure to post both engaging and promotional content tailored for each platform. 

You can also post teasers weeks before the release date. 

3. Be Active:

The music industry is an evolving one. You have to constantly upload new content to stay relevant. Active profiles will also let the platform’s algorithm curate your work and suggest your work to users. 

4. Ask for Fan’s Help: 

There is no shame in asking your fans to share and like your latest music video. Having said that, you must establish a strong and loyal fandom. Also, make sure to get your fans to Spotify otherwise, it will be pointless. You can also host ‘listening parties’ and invite your fans to join you. 

5. Know how to use ads:

Thanks to the digital revolution, we have countless ways of promoting music, but note that you do not have to follow the ‘one size fits all rule’.

Each platform has a specific audience; hence it is best to segment your audience and design a relevant marketing strategy.

Ad Studio, in Spotify, lets you design and manage audio ad campaigns. Ad Studio from Spotify provides you with easy tools to help you create your ad in less than 10 minutes.  

You also have Facebook Ads, which offers the option of grouping people based on their age, interest, location, and the genre that they listen to. The platform has over 1.7 billion users, so this is a pool full of opportunities. 

6. Optimize your Spotify Profile:

Work on generating a short yet personal bio about you and the work that you do. Also, remember to include a unique header image and attach links to your latest work

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