TikTok currently has over 1 billion active users worldwide and has established itself as a music industry bellwether. Thus, it’s no surprise that trending on TikTok may benefit your music career. By creating short videos, generally based on a song’s lyric or hook, TikTok users tend to rise up high the fame charts.

First and foremost, the most essential thing to do when creating your Artist TikTok account is to pick a theme for your content. This way, the TikTok algorithm will be able to better recognize you in order to associate you with a certain category of content and with individuals who enjoy that sort of content. You may discover that you are developing a “TikTok persona” without even realizing it, which is wonderful because TikTok is very much about big personalities.

Showcase your music on TikTok. When creating videos using your own music, choose the most catchy or striking part of your song that you believe would inspire people to be creative. You can even generate a trend based on one of your songs and host a contest for trend-followers to win merch or tickets to your concerts. Pro tip: add a hashtag onto the trend to gain even more clout. 

Use TikTok Pro Analytics. TikTok Pro allows you to measure profile views, follower dynamics, audience demographics, and gain insights into your content to determine which videos perform best. To convert to a TikTok Pro account, go to Manage my account page and select Switch to TikTok Pro. 

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