Everyone needs marketing nowadays. Whether you’re a doctor, an engineer, or a newly emerged artist, customers’ satisfaction should be your very top priority.

With the latest technological advancements, online marketing is quickly growing in popularity and you better speed up not to be left behind in the race.

Defining marketing:

Well, I’m sure 90% of us (if not all) know what marketing is, but defining the term will help us grasp the key elements involved in the process. Marketing is solely based on establishing relationships with customers – mainly satisfying their needs.

It is important to understand that in order to sell something to the X party, you have to get personal with them: understand where they come from, how this product or service is convenient for them, why they should buy it, etc. One more thing before we jump in further, be sure to differentiate between organic vs. paid reach. 

 Enough theories, let’s focus on hands-on examples:

  • Focus on the 3 Cs: The 3Cs that every artist should care about are Content, Context, and Conversion. By putting out high-quality content and in the right context, you will be able to convert the audience to loyal customers. 
  • Post Consistently: posting and engaging constantly are the key factors you should be focusing on. By doing so, algorithms will push your content and help you reach the maximum number of fans.
  • Build Strong Fandom: don’t just focus on increasing your Instagram followers, because that won’t pay your bills. Instead, focus on engagement and transform your fans from passive fans to loyal fans who support your actual work.
  • Pay Attention to PR: It’s important for every artist, especially if they are just getting started, to have a PR team that works on pushing the artist’s work to media outlets, playlist curators, radio hosts, and bloggers. Investing money in PR will yield huge comebacks, it might take time but it will definitely pay off.
  • Invest: the famous saying “It takes money to make money” is relatable and applicable in this case, because you definitely need capital (large or even small) to promote your work. Since most promotions are done via paid ads, collaborations, PR, etc.
  • Have a Website: keeping the best for last, having a professional website might be your other best shot at better communicating with your audience. Your website should include all the little bits of information about you such as your bio, previous work, social links, tour dates, and collaborations (if applicable).

The above-mentioned tactics are just the beginning, there are other underlying strategies that we will definitely be covering in the upcoming weeks. Until then, check out MusicPromoToday’s blog and Instagram for more tips and tricks about the music industry.