Spotify is starting a new interesting program called Fresh Finds. An accelerator-type application for small, independent artists. This neat little incentive program is drawing its influence from the Spotify-curated playlist with the same name.

The first section of the program involves four artists that will receive access to multiple varieties of support. This includes a collab with a producer, exposure to Spotify’s marketing and unique masterclasses, and mentorship.

Indie artists who choose to get associated with this program will receive the benefit of Spotify’s strength and influence in the industry. Spotify has developed to be a dominant music service as the music society has moved to streams as the most popular method.

With more than 356 million users worldwide, Spotify is surely solidifying its reign over the industry. The program has become popular all over the world. Countries coordinating with this newfound program are Brazil, Spain, Australia/New Zealand, the U.K./Ireland, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, and Turkey.

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