How SEO Experts and Digital Growth Hackers Are Revolutionizing the Music Industry

As live performances and concerts continue to return to the music industry, artists are adapting their marketing strategies to stand out in a crowded creator tools economy. In a world where on-demand content reigns supreme, and attention is fleeting, it’s essential to find ways to entice fans to attend live events. Many artists are now combining in-person concerts with viral internet moments to encourage audiences to pay for the experience while simultaneously catering to their online fandom. But how can artists ensure that fans can actually buy tickets for their shows?

Following the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, which resulted in US Congress interference, some artists and fans are cautious about ticketing companies like Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Although these companies are implementing new creator tools to aid in artist discovery and promote live performances, issues persist. For example, the dynamic pricing method used by Ticketmaster works similarly to that of plane tickets or Uber surge prices. The more popular a concert becomes, the higher the ticket prices will surge – often leaving fans disappointed and out of pocket. Dynamic pricing has not successfully curbed secondary market excess, and fans of superstars like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Bruce Springsteen were paying up to thousands of dollars for tickets, with much of the price increase coming from secondary markets as a result of scalpers.

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