With the online competitive musical market on the rise, artists have had no challenge when it comes to innovation and creativity. In prior years, the industry has received a relatively steady growth—from types of vinyl to disks, and CDs, all the way to online streaming. The digital music landscape has paved the way for entrepreneurial explorers and talented artists to put their creations out there. Sure, the methods may be unconventional, but the matter of fact is that the sole intention is still there. 

What EXACTLY is Music Marketing?

The well-found two pillars of the music industry are talent and production. With that being said and with the ultimate dependency of social media today, digital marketing has gained a crucial role in the life of an artist. If executed correctly, digital marketing can effortlessly magnify the artist’s work and talent, spreading it across the world for millions to see.

But did this truly start with the rise of the internet?

Undoubtedly, no. The idea to market artists had started long before people were so internet addicted. In the past, this would be the job for DJs, radio stations, television, and the press. Today, these outputs have become Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and powerful digital music platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

As the internet swoons over our lives, many believe that negative repercussions may result from such a vast overtake. However, when it comes to specific fields, the internet may just as well be the best thing that ever happened. Digital marketing today presents plenty of pros that will boost your take on its toll over the music industry.

  • Compared to SEO promotion and contextual advertising, digital media marketing has proven to be a relatively low-cost alternative. 
  • Speed is one thing that cannot be compared when it comes to online media marketing. The astounding “chain reaction” proves just how powerful it can be to share any news on social media. Therefore, the release of a single or an album on social media does not only stay within the confines of its genres and fans but travels across the world.
  • SMM is well-known to increase the impact of SEO development. It is basic knowledge that as you increase the traffic to social networks, the site’s ranking in search results will also take a considerable boost.

So, How Has Digital Marketing Changed the Industry?

While the internet and social media have become a norm to many of us, it slips our minds to the effect it had on plenty of well-known artists today. Artists such as Justin Bieber, Adele, and Billie Eilish have risen to their fame, thanks to social media and digital marketing, making them global superstars. Through the mobile device in your pocket, you can access the works of an artist currently being streamed around the world. This is one area that past artists were not so lucky to have. Before the rise of digital marketing, a potential fan would have had to be on the right station at the right time to hear a new song. Nowadays, all you have to do is have a little bit of faith in yourself and your talents and release your works on the internet for the world to see. Moreover, with online platforms such as Spotify and their efficient playlist marketing and promotion services, artists are being discovered with the touch of a button at any given time—as long as the algorithms and strategies are executed correctly. 

Is Digital Marketing Truly Needed in the Music Industry?

With its ability to display the artist’s life full of events from new songs, presentations, concerts, shootings, and interviews, social media can be daunting. As their lives become completely social, their fans naturally feel the need to become involved in it. But, maybe this is not such a terrible thing as one may think!

By erasing that barrier between artist and fan, this may become the approach that most artists were in dire need of. As the artist’s audience avidly follows their events and the fans eagerly listen and download songs/albums, watch their music videos, read blogs, and never miss a concert, the industry has seen a notable boost. Nonetheless, the fun does not stop there. Celebrities can also use their image and stance in social media as a way to give back to their fans. An artist can offer a prize related to them or their music. This can either be an invitation to a private party or a pass to the backstage zone or even a meet and greet. This type of social media marketing is also known to add value to the star’s fame.

With so many options at hand, artists and production companies can literally view the online marketing world as their oyster. Music digital marketing has, without a doubt, changed the way we search, view, listen, and discover music. From social media ads to playlist marketing, artists today have an endless supply of tools to help them make it in the music industry.