Being a superstar is a dream everyone had while growing up. When you look at celebrities’ happy faces, see how their fans adore them, get inspired by their perfect lifestyle, it is hard to see the reality behind the facade, through all that fanciness. However, as you get older, you understand that all this “celebrity life” is often the result of hard and dedicated work. Being a superstar is not only about smiling, dating beautiful people, and living a luxurious life. 

To succeed in the music business, you obviously need to know how to sing. Still, somehow, people who have a great vocal talent do not always get the popularity that artists with average abilities get. So, how is that possible?

Now more than ever, you don’t need years of vocal and technical training, powerhouse vocals, huge ranges, or even jaw dropping pitches. Of course, there still are artists born-to-be singers, with such voices as Beyonce, Adele, Tom Odell, Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, and others who enjoy worldwide recognition. Still, a considerable part of their success is due to the way they were marketed. 

Having the right marketing team supporting you on your path is a privilege not everyone can afford. Thus, if you took your music marketing game in your hands and want to run it independently, definitely check 15 Great Music Marketing Tips for 2020 before going further. It will help you understand the trends and the steps you need to take to make your music popular. Now, back to becoming a superstar without having the best vocal range. The best example of a superstar making it without great singing talent is one of the most successful artists of all time, Drake

Needless to claim, Drake is not the only superstar with questionable singing abilities, so in this article, he is just used as an example. Tremendous respect to him for getting where he is and much love for the beautiful work he does. This article is not about shaming or hate. Quite the opposite, we will try to understand his success formula and help you figure out how to use it for your own benefit. To better understand the big music marketing game, check the 3 Smart Music Marketing Campaigns from Our Favorite Artists/Bands before diving deep into Drake’s case. 

Currently, Drake is No. 3 on Forbes’s highest-paid acts in Hip Hop — raking in $75 million in 2019, and in 2020, he is #49 in 2020 CELEBRITY 100 EARNINGS. As you can clearly see, not having the best voice did not prevent him from success in the music industry. So, what is the secret? 

Signature Style

Even more than voice, celebrities today need an instantly recognizable style. Style is not about the looks and clothes only. Though, those also matter. However, the style that will distinguish your future is your vocal style. It will make you stand out and be unique. Many artists can sing with powerful vocals, but not many can bring something new to the industry. Having your signature style will make the audience pay extra attention to your music. People always look for a revolution or something that they have never seen before. Be the one who breathes fresh air into their life, and they will appreciate it. 

Think of superstars as Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Tyler the Creator, or even Bhad Bhabie. It is impossible not to identify any of their songs immediately. In the same way, you can’t confuse any of Drake’s songs with someone else’s. When the beat drops, you know it’s Drake: he stands out from the crowd, and we are used to his sound. His signature style is part of hip-hop culture already. 


The way artists present themselves decides the way the audience is going to react to them. Drake owns his presence. In all interviews, stages even when the situation is out of control and red carpets, or while communicating with paparazzi and fans, he spreads the energy of a self-confident, happy, strong, motivated person who achieves everything he wants. Accordingly, the audience accepts him as a confident macho who is also kind-hearted and sweet. 

Drake also has a significantly entertaining stage presence. His performances are always high-quality and electrifying. You can’t see him being shy about a note he wasn’t able to take or depressed about a beef. He is confident enough to know that those things do not define him, and adopts the kind of attitude that always keeps him on top of things. 

Drake is always out there on social media, posting, releasing new music, videos, sharing photos of his toddler, and making new business connections. The actual presence of being out there all the time and not letting the media and audience forget you can do a lot for your popularity and success. 


Non-professional or poor production can destroy even the best songs with the most incredible vocals. High-quality releases attract fans. They want clear sound, catchy lyrics, heavy-hitting beats, groovy, and swag vibes. Drake’s music and video clips’ production is always perfect. Production is the number one factor in keeping you in the business. Check, for instance, Drake’s latest release Chicago Freestyle (Audio) ft. Giveon and pay attention to the production quality. 

Drake is passionate about his music, concerts and overall career. He is not hiding it; instead, he infects others with the same energy and motivates his fans, making people attracted to him and to his music. Like Drake, to succeed in the music industry, you can still make it without those super powerful vocals; of course, if you have good vocals, it will add more charm to the palette you offer to your audience. You can check Picking a Vocal Coach That Resonates With You and Your Voice to choose the best coach for vocal training. 

Still, the key to success is in the details of a style, presence, and in the production quality you offer through your music. You can make those aspects the core of your music marketing and work on them. Check Music Marketing Strategies That Are Still Relevant in 2020 and learn the best tips and tricks for making your music promotion game strong. 

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