Music marketing wouldn’t be complete without the mega-popular short video format that is now the cornerstone of TikTok and a considerable part of Instagram (Reels). As we all know, short videos are fun, quick, and simple which makes them infectiously popular among music lovers. But Instagram also carries Stories that can be equally as beneficial for music marketers. In this article, we compare Stories and Reels to see which is better for music marketing.

Wavo tested the existing data and reported the results here. It turns out Instagram Reels have longer Playtime and more Impressions which, in terms of marketing, is a great way to expand an artist’s audience and find new followers. In comparison, Stories drive more ThruPlays and have a lower CPC rate which is best for community building purposes, engagement (likes, comments), and overall interaction with existing followers. 

We found that with Instagram, just like with any other platform, artists should use a combination of ads that is placed depending on its purpose. Specific targeting will yield better results for certain!

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