Celebrities are undoubtedly embracing crypto! All the buzz around NFTs does not seem to be quieting down. Instead, more and more celebs are jumping on the trend and either buying or coining their own NFTs. What does that mean for us culturally?

Should we begin with Gwyneth Paltrow who recently revealed her Bored Ape on Twitter? Or perhaps we should take another look at Matt Damon’s commercial that promotes investing in cryptocurrencies (watch below)? Then there is Reese Witherspoon’s fascinating prediction:

“Celebrities have taken to pushing cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens at a speed once reserved for viral dance trends. The artists among them insist our real world will soon resemble the fictional sort they’ve spent careers envisioning,” Sonia Rao wrote in The Washington Post. And truly, it’s beginning to look like we as a society will also embrace the volatile cryptocurrency in the nearest future. As far as predictions go, seems we are all going to have our own virtual identities, wallets, and so on. 

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