One of the finest methods to inform your audience about who you are as a musician and to do so in your own words is through media interviews. However, going on an interview may surely be nerve-wracking, especially if your career is just getting started.

Conversely, interviews frequently do not feel quite as natural. It might be the sense of being videotaped or recorded or the knowledge that any poorly chosen words could severely harm your career. 

In truth, media appearances are another sort of performance. They may be quite helpful for gaining new fans and creating buzz if you put in the same level of work and preparation that you do when getting ready for a performance. 

Since interviews are all about your biggest passion —your music— they may be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying methods to promote and publicize your music.

Fortunately for independent artists, there are more media outlets than ever seeking to interview musicians. Magazines, zines, blogs, podcasts, radio and television programs, YouTube channels, etc.

You will either be contributing background information and quotations for a story as the subject of the interview, or the audio or video of your interaction will serve as the article’s actual content (depending on the outlet). 

Therefore, you should have thought out some of the topics you will discuss in preparation before getting on the phone or going on the air with a journalist.

Pretty Much Everything We Know About Interviewing

Sure, you can certainly wing it and still deliver a captivating interview if you are quick-witted and self-assured. Thus, we are here to provide you with some tried-and-true advice to ease your pre-interview jitters.

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