Throughout the history of music, every single track had a clear genre that was consistent throughout the song and every music listener would be able to identify what kind of music it was. When you had drums, bass, electronic guitar, and a lead singer, that was rock and when you had an orchestra full of various instruments, it was classical music. However, nowadays genres are becoming irrelevant as artists combine multiple genres creating a fusion product. But where did clear genres go? Well, according to Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped says that “Audio Auras” has identified “Mood” as the new denominator for choosing music. 

In this new fusion era, listeners are struggling to define a song based on one or two genres as the music becomes more complicated than ever before. Nevertheless, people can easily describe the kind of mood a particular song has, which is becoming the new language of categorizing music based on six different moods. Spotify was the pioneer in developing a data-based algorithm that determines what kind of mood genre people are most interested in and how the artists are trying to promote their music. A much-needed evolutionary point of music history as the age of genres is over.