Facebook decided to break cliches regarding the celebration of International Women’s day. Instead of showering  women with flowers and gifts, Facebook decided to take a less gender normative way of honoring the occasion. 

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced the launch of multi-participant Instagram Live rooms, while chatting with Lily Singh from the Late with Lily show

He explained that this new feature allows users to team up with a group of people, which must not exceed four members, in order to create a room. He also added that the feature will be available starting March. 

The announcement came as following:

“Beginning March 1st, creators and others can go live on Instagram with up to three other people with the launch of Live Rooms. During Women’s History Month, tune in to Live discussions with influential women and creators on how women can help each other overcome obstacles and succeed.”

These rooms will become a hub for aspiring and powerful women to chat and share their experiences with fellow sisters. 

This feature will surely help reshape the platform, as it will give rise to participatory journalism known as citizen journalism. Also, sharing the spotlight with someone sounds less intimidating than going live alone.

The company has been cooking this for almost a year, and the first test was run in December in India. The creators were satisfied with the experience, and it might even become the go-to app for them, especially because it fills the void left by TikTok following its government ban.

Aside from the Live Rooms feature, Facebook will also release a set of custom stickers to pay tribute to women’s achievements impacting our lives. The company is also working on cross-referencing content sharing by suggesting to add a #womenowned hashtag on both Facebook and Instagram shops owned by women. 

And no, it does not end here. 

The company is also launching a new campaign under the name ‘Women x Women’ to exhibit stories of successful women who were able to find success through using the Facebook app. 

After Clubhouse’s momentum, it is apparent that people enjoy consuming authentically created audio and video content. Thus, Facebook’s latest feature could also gain popularity among those who have enjoyed Clubhouse in recent months.

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