For many artists, marketing is somewhat a sore subject to achieve. It all depends on who they are and what they do. Making music is a deeply personal and emotional journey and often musicians cannot locate the right marketing strategy to go with their image.

Between the digitization and democratization of the music industry and the low cost of at-home recording technology, independent artists are swarming the scene. As such, there’s more new music being released today globally than at any other point in history. An unimaginable amount of new music makes the scenes of streaming platforms each day, and most of the time, the key determining factor to how a new song connects with an audience is how it is marketed.

Whether you are an independent musician kicking off their career or a returning artist ready to set off on a new journey, there are a few tips to watch out for before setting sail.

  1. Locate Where Your Fans Are

In order to get the most out of your advertising efforts, you must first find out who your fans are. Knowing details like where your audience is based and how old they are can help you build a reliable marketing strategy that perfectly reaches them. 

With the advanced technologies now, this can be done through personalized band websites to music streaming artist accounts that offer detailed analytic information to help you learn more about your fans. Some platforms even provide accurate information like when fans found your music online first, and through what channels or search terms.

  1. Do Not Dismiss Old Fans

It can be easy to get caught up in the fame of new fans, but that does not mean you should let go of your old fanbase. Audience engagement is an essential part of maintaining a well-designed career in music. After you have learned more about who your fans are, focus on doing the most that you can to connect with them in a meaningful way.

It is important to connect with and understand your current fans before venture on to find new ones. Simply sharing music online and hoping that listeners find it is not enough to create the right image. Powerful and compelling music marketing occurs when you operate in a way that keeps your identity and integrity as an artist. This can be through email campaigns, your website, playlists, or blogs; fan engagement is essential for maintaining your existing fans connected and open the gateway for new ones.

  1. Social Media Is The Key

Social media platforms are bound with obstacles and it is becoming harder and harder to reach fans through them. However, with effective marketing strategies, musicians can adequately reach larger scales of fans and become more impactful.

Whether you are trying to get the word out about a new release or people to show up to your performances, social media is a tool you can use to narrow down the target audience you want to reach out to. Paid ads on these platforms are the easiest way of accomplishing this. You can also use hashtags, meetup groups, Reddit threads, and Facebook groups in local areas to help get you that exposure for free.

  1. Create Interesting Non-Musical Content

Do not limit yourself to music alone. You can also use photos, videos, and blogs to offer non-musical content to your listeners. This is another way to help you make a lasting impression that eventually results in new fans learning about your music on their preferred media. In the competitive music industry, listeners are looking for more than just music to become interested in an artist’s music. A strong visual or written narrative can place your creations in an exciting new light.

  1. Reach Out To Other Websites

Not everything has to be done in-house. You will need to pitch music in order to be considered as a career-minded musician. Make sure you write an engaging artist bio and press release to have considerable content when reaching out to these websites. Lookup for press that write about your style of music specifically, and then send an email introducing yourself and your style. Aiming to get featured in massive publications and playlists can be a challenge. It starts with a couple of people at a time as loyal advocates to your music before growing into something more substantial.

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