Spotify is one of the 3 Essential Platforms That Changed The Music Industry & Will 10X Your Engagement in 2021. Thus, music promoters need to know The 5 Most Important Steps For An Outstanding Spotify Profile as the platform’s basics. You can study the Swedish music streaming giant even further by reading MusicPromoToday Praising Spotify: Why Did Megan Thee Stallion Launch Good News On Spotify? Yet, to succeed using the platform, it is vital to learn how to make great video ads on Spotify. Below, we will share with you the 9 hands-on tips for creating the best video ads for your Spotify campaign. 

1.Realise The Advantages Of Different Video Formats Before Contributing 

Spotify offers creative flexibility when it comes to video formats, so choosing the right one depends on you, as well as on how well you know your audience and product. You can use horizontal and vertical video formats, or both, when creating the ads. Before choosing which option to use, think about: 

  • shots, frame, the number of people in the video 
  • how will users consume your content via mobile or tablet devices like computers or laptops (consider that 61% of Spotify’s video ad inventory is run on devices that are more vertical format friendly)
  • 90% of smartphone users view videos in portrait mode and are unlikely to turn their phones for ads, while desktop and tablet users often use landscape mood

2.Ad Length Matters

Any video ad with a length under 30 seconds is accepted by Spotify and with no change in cost. Choose an ad length that fits your story best. 30-second ads are great for introducing emerging brands, campaigns, and technical ads. They help communicate the idea in its totality, as well as tell stories. Whereas, shorter ad options lasting 15 seconds or less work better for well-known brands and products. They are more specific and serve as quick reminders. 

3.You Don’t Need A High Budget For High-Quality Video Ads 

Spotify video ads can take many shapes, from photo slideshows and recorded-edited video content to marketers directly addressing the audience. Spotify’s algorithm allows having high-performing video ads for any budget. Of course, if you can afford big-budget productions for campaigns, go for it, but in fact, low-cost, low-fidelity (LoFi) ads perform just as well. 

4.Spotify Is About Sound And Sound Matters Even When Advertising On The Platform 

Spotify offers sound-on video ad options, and finding the right formula to make your sound fits right into the overall Spotify experience is one of the keys to the ad’s success. Instead of disturbing listeners, the sound has to match their mood and moment. Of course, each user is in their own headspace and situation which can differ drastically from one another, but they all have a shared Spotify experience, so your ad’s music has to hit the sweet spot. According to the platform, the ads with background music resonate with their users and drive 4.3x higher intent than ads without music.

5.Communicate Differently Based On Your Brand Awareness

The way you communicate your message depends on your brand’s popularity. If you are just starting and have no reliable audience base, you need to position yourself as an emerging brand with a high potential. It means educating the viewers on your products, mission, and vision, making it clear to them how you differ from others. The best tactic for Spotify ads is branding the ad visually right away via logo and audibly through voicing the brand name within the first few seconds of the ad

For already established and well-known brands, the main focus should be on reminding the viewer why they should choose them instead of others. As the user is already familiar with a logo and name, they have more visual and audio freedom when using the given ad time. In this case, there is more space for creativity and boldness. 


The purpose of your ads is to bring engagement. Engagement comes with CTAs (Click To Action). Encourage users to take action and provide them with the best performance. Make sure to have a clear CTA button in your ad that matches the written CTA button in your companion display ad. You can check sample CTAs for inspiration. 

7.Verbally Mention Your Brand 

Verbally mentioning the brand name is a proven way to generate stronger engagement. 91% of Spotify campaigns mention their brand name audibly in their video ads no matter the size or recognizability of their brand. 

8.Customize The Spotify Ad Frequency Cap 

Spotify allows customizing the frequency cap of its ads, and it is the best method of getting brand, product, or campaign awareness. You can choose between daily, weekly, and monthly frequency caps on your Ad Studio campaigns for customization. Be sure not to set the frequency cap too low as the ads have to appear on the platform multiple times for users to notice it, but do not overdo it. Experiment and see for yourself what works best for you. 

9.Pair Video And Audio 

Spotify supports standalone ads and helps them perform well, but campaigns that combine video and audio into one piece generate more engagement. So use the trick of pairing the benefits of video and audio ads into one audiovisual format based on your campaign’s goals, objectives, and message. 

Spotify is undoubtedly a great platform with a huge follower base for marketing, and it provides solid support to the ad campaigns, so make sure to use the opportunity. Use the 9 tips we shared on making great video ads on Spotify, get creative with them, adapt them to your message and case, experiment, drive engagement and enjoy the ride! 

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