Pursuing a TikTok viral success comes with its own set of challenges for creative creation. Is an algorithm capable of producing greater art, or will it produce a generation of music devoid of purpose and created purely for profit? Whatever the answer, it’s evident that the music industry is about to undergo a transformation.

According to a recent research, 75% of TikTok users in the US indicated they used the app to find new artists, and 67% said they were more inclined to seek out a song on a streaming platform if they heard it on the app. Numbers like this are expected to turn a few heads among industry executives, with artists and repertoires already combing the site for potential.

The TikTok phenomenon has the potential to fundamentally alter the music business paradigm. After all, the days of a label plucking an unknown artist with no fan base from obscurity and investing vast amounts of time and money to build their career from the ground up are long gone.

Rather, in order to get signed nowadays, an artist must first demonstrate to labels that they can draw recognition on their own, whether via social media or elsewhere. Artists obtain financial backing for the development and dissemination of their music by signing these full-package agreements; labels assist in matching artists with producers and collaborators, as well as promoting releases. Not to mention the perceived grandeur of securing a contract, which has traditionally been seen as the first step toward a successful music career.
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