As streaming becomes highly popular and Twitch is among the best-known platforms, it is time for you to learn the Hows, Whens, and Whys of Twitch. 

Let’s start from the end: Why Twitch?

We basically answered this question above: you need  to be present and active on Twitch to be trendy as streaming has become one of the most popular online activities. It will help you widen your audience and expand the reach of your content. 

To understand the When? you just need to track the statistics indicating the rapid growth of the platform. Now is the right moment to start a Twitch channel! 

Okay, now that we know that Twitch is one of the essential platforms, and that you need to have an account, so How?  are you supposed to go viral with it? 

Well, luckily for you, we have the hands-on tips to help you with boosting your Twitch account. 

Social Media is Connected So Make The Best Out Of It 

Sure, you use your Facebook page to promote your Instagram or vice versa, or TikTok to promote other platforms. You can learn about creating a great profile on all of these platforms by reading the 10 Steps To A GREAT Artist Profile On Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. Meanwhile, you got the idea: using the platforms where you already have a fanbase to promote your new channel in a new platform is a proven method of getting a following. Key aspects are:

  • Using multiple social media platforms 
  • Tell and remind your followers about lives 
  • Make streaming compilations or other types of content that you can share on different platforms


In a similar fashion than other social media platforms, on Twitch too, collaborations with other content creators helps boost your following base. You can either stream together with the creators from your niche to target an audience interested in your streams, or experiment and collaborate with streamers whose audiences do not really match yours. The first option is safer in bringing the desired results, while the second option is bold and can be full of surprises. The possible varieties of collaborating on Twitch include: 

  • Dual Streams 
  • Cross-promotions with Squad Teams
  • Collaboration with other hosts
  • Game directories

Join a Team

Collaborations are great, and to make them consistent, you can go even further and join a streaming squad. A stream squad or team is a group of streamers who constantly collaborate and support each other’s content. These types of squads exist in other video-based apps such as TikTok and YouTube. To choose a team that will help you reach your goals, you need to:

  • Find a group of creators with whom you and your streams vibe 
  • Send an application to as many teams as required (you can find the details on their pages or social media accounts)
  • Reach out to them via different platforms
  • Open your previous content by enabling the past broadcasts

Those are only several ways of putting yourself out there on Twitch to gain a following. Your main focus should be to create contacts within the platform and use them to your own benefit. Obviously, collaborations, either within teams or with other solo creators happen on a mutual basis. 

Above all, you need to make sure your streams are good enough, and that others will be interested in duetting with you. Thus it is essential to find your signature-style and put a unique spin on your content: find ways to add a special flavor to your streams. Having favorable content will make other streamers interested and get you the desired connections. You can also participate in gaming conventions to make contacts, get business cards, and try yourself in a range of conventions such as TwitchCon, PAX, and E3, and others. 

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