With social networking and streaming services so freely available, you may already have a well-built online profile. So, why do you need a website to make a name for yourself as a musician?

Having your music website seems professional, communicating to industry professionals that you are serious about your music career. It’s also an area where you own and manage, making it the perfect place to cultivate genuine interactions with your audience.

Here are five reasons why you, as a musician, should have a website:

Industry and media expect to find your website.

Industry professionals refer to a dedicated website when asked how they like to access your music and learn more about you as an artist. Create a music website to demonstrate to journalists, bloggers, and talent buyers that you are a real musician.

It’s more permanent than social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are all excellent platforms for promoting your band and music. A website, on the other hand, is permanent and does not change due to algorithm updates. You are not dependent on purchased posts or low organic reach. You may direct anyone to your website at any moment.

Sell merch and music to fans.

Throughout the epidemic, many fans turned to internet purchases of music and merchandise to demonstrate their support for their favorite musicians. If you’ve begun to create an audience, ensure to include merch and music on your website.

Add an EPK to your website.

Before hiring you for an event, any booking agency or promoter will look at your website. You may make the most of this by exhibiting your most prominent work and integrating your most recent music and videos in an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) on your website. You may also use your EPK to get publicity for a new album or single, in addition to contacting radio stations.

It’s one of the best ways to build your mailing list.

Emailing followers is still one of the excellent methods to engage with them directly. To develop momentum with your list, you might provide a free music download in return for an email address on your website. Maintaining constant contact via email is a wonderful method to advertise forthcoming releases, tour dates, and crowdfunding campaigns.

If you are serious about pursuing a music career, you should consider investing in a music website. It’s your one-stop shop on the web as a home base – add your music, bio, merch, press kit, and more, all inside your custom design. Your personalized website will increase your credibility among music business professionals and fans alike.

We hope you found this article helpful!