Interscope Records, one of the most influential and successful record labels in the industry, continues to make waves with its strategic partnerships and signings. The latest announcements involve exclusive deals with two prominent artists: Latin superstar Karol G and genre-defining electronic music duo Tale Of Us, who owns Afterlife. These deals demonstrate the company’s commitment to expanding its horizons and collaborating with diverse talents. 

The partnership between Interscope Records and Afterlife marks a momentous milestone for both entities renowned for their innovative approach. The collaboration kicks off with the highly anticipated debut album from Anyma, a groundbreaking multi-disciplinary project created by Matteo Milleri, one of the founding members of Tale Of Us. 

Anyma’s enthralling blend of music and visual art has captivated audiences, providing a distinctive and immersive experience that pushes the limits of the industry. The album is a collaborative effort with Grimes that delivers an exceptional and unparalleled masterpiece. Through this partnership, Interscope Records reinforces its standing as a label that embraces pioneering creativity and wholeheartedly backs visionary projects.

In addition to the partnership with Afterlife, Interscope Records has also joined forces with Karol G, the Latin music superstar who has achieved remarkable success in her career. The Colombian singer’s exclusive deal further strengthens her long-standing relationship with Universal Music Group, reaffirming her status as a key player in the global music industry. 

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