When it comes to Instagram, it seems like everything has already been said and done. The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with over 1 billion active users monthly. It is hard to find someone who is not using or has never used Instagram before, and trends spread fast and easy.

Still, when it comes to the digital world and social media, it is impossible to have everything said and done. In this industry, changes happen rapidly, a\unlike most industries. Instagram is no exception. 

Even though its newcomers are widespread and commonly used, there are still some Instagram features that, if used more often, can help boost your music marketing game to new heights. 

Music Promo Today gathered 7 simple yet extremely useful Instagram features to help you and your band grow naturally.

1. Voice Messages: Use your voice in different places

This feature is all about taking full advantage of DMs. Direct messages give us so many opportunities to make marketing spicy. Yet, we don’t always consider them as such. One of the relatively new DM options is Voice Messages. They add a personal touch to the message and build a connection with followers.

If you’re a musician or a band, remember that keeping direct contact with followers is an absolute priority. Voice messages can help reaching new heights where regular texts are incapable of.


This feature is yet another spell of Direct Messages’. They cannot be used as widely as ordinary DMs or voice messages while communicating with your followers. Unlike those, Video calls give you diverse options to play with. Use your creativity.

For instance, you can organize challenges and offer a prize. In this case, you will position yourself as a demanded artist. Ask your followers to like a track, share it, participate in a competition, and get a Video Call with you as a prize.

3. Live Collabs

As Covid-19 came to the scene in early 2020, concerts and live performances became luxuries no one can afford. Thus, Instagram Lives became the norm. As everyone started going live to promote their music, it became harder to get noticed for the artists. Just going Live became obsolete.

The quality of Instagram live is not the same as performing in live concerts. The atmosphere is far too different. So, once again, being creative with the trend became the mission for the performers. Here it was when yet another Instagram feature entered the game: live collabs!

They allow musicians to reach new audiences. Collaborating with other artists of similar-sized fanbase or being invited to the lives of bigger artists, gives the chance to extend your audience. Finally, collabs are yet another great way to bond with your audience. You can use them to invite fans to your lives, perform with them the songs they wrote for you, or give them the opportunity to perform their song to your audience.

4. Q&A

This feature is specifically for Instagram stories. Q&As are not only the easiest but also the most productive way of grabbing audiences’ attention. Whether you’re a musician or a band, the audience is always interested in personal details. They will never lose an opportunity to ask you all the questions they are dying to ask.

If you think about it, there aren’t many alternatives to ask you specific questions other than Q&As. This feature helps to engage with followers and appear more accessible by making them feel like they know you.

5. Pin Comments

People pay attention to the comments. Even subconsciously, they still want to know others’ opinions. No wonder that all social network algorithms pay so much attention to comment sections.

A good comment can shape the visitor’s opinion even before they pay attention to the actual post. Right comments will keep them interested in the content. As you pin a comment, it appears on the top of the comment section and grabs attention. Pinned comments are a great way to shape a positive attitude.

6. Filters

This section is not about adding that little extra to your story or post, as you probably already do, and there is no need to do it more. On the contrary, there is something you can and have to do more with the filters to level up the game. You can create filters. Hurray!!! Instagram allows you to create your own filters/masks.

The great part is that others can use your masks too. This system works with the keywords’ search. So if you want your mask to be popular, be certain about the name. Create masks that match with your content, songs, page. As a title and keyword, use the words that describe your mask the best. Let creativity take the lead and enjoy the process.

7. Carousels

There is nothing new about this feature. It has been there since Instagram began. However, what people don’t know is that Carousels bring more reach and engagement. So consider using them more often and pay attention to how you use them. This feature allows you to upload up to 10 photos or videos as one carousel post.

The important factor is that if someone views only one photo/video and stops on the second one when they come back, they’ll see the second photo/video as the primary one. This feature gives content attention and spotlights. It’s your job to benefit from that opportunity.