Having a good single does not mean it will succeed in the charts or bring you popularity. If not appropriately promoted, your music may not even reach the people who will appreciate it. A new single release is a serious process, and needless to say, you need a plan for it. 

In this article, MusicPromoToday will share with you some super-duper tips for your new single release. 

Before starting your promotion or going forward with further steps, you have to register with your local Performing Rights Organization (PRO). Surprisingly, this step is often overlooked in most of the articles on the issue. So once again: do it before stepping forward. Checking out some of these helpful sites:

  • ASCAP (US)
  • BMI (US)
  • TONO (NOR)
  • PRS for Music (UK)
  • simply searching for your local musicians’ rights organization online will give you full information on the process

Once done with this step, you can move forward with your strategy. 

You need to set your goals. Without them, your actions will have no direction, and most probably lead to nowhere. Having specific purposes will also help you later when measuring your success. You will have defined points to make you see how you/your single performed. The best way is to write down a goal that you want your new release to achieve and build your strategy with the goal in mind. 

Concentrate on Your Online Presence

People usually associate online presence with social media, websites, and blogs, but remember that to appear professional, you need to pay attention to the details like your email signature. Ensure that the information about you is updated on every online platform. Make sure to always include your contact information as well. The release of your new single has to be clearly communicated in the online platforms you use. Make sure no page holding your name is running out of updates or information. 

Your Single Has to Exist on All Relevant Platforms

The music industry has the platforms associated with it. Your new single has to be available on those platforms. iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer are the must-haves for anyone in the business. Try to have an account with a digital distributor such as TuneCore, Finetunes, CD Baby, or Phonofile to be able to upload your tracks to these platforms. Consider having BandCamp, yet another crucial resource when it comes to music distribution. The good news is you can set that up yourself!

Remember your goal for the new single you’re releasing and plan your strategy accordingly. Please do not count on a good song to market itself. Follow our tips and read the TOP 5 Music Marketing Trends in 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss, to get a general idea of music promotion trends. 

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