The famous saying goes: “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” This phrase purely defines the notion that all mentions in the media support a person’s cause, even if they are subject to bad light.

It is one of those old riddles in the history of music. Someone has to write or talk about you in order to put your artistic talents out in the open.

Writing, recording, and performing tremendous music is only half the battle, the other half lies within publicizing the music. Without advertising, your great work may very well be just another dusty record on the shelf. Getting your name or your band’s name out there is quintessentially the most important step to get to the fame you want. In order to get your name out in the game, any media shape, form, or fashion counts.

But, what if your newfound press is not on the positive side? Should all press be “good press”?

The truth is, even if the article’s content is not exactly what you’d frame as the face of your image, there is a way to value all press.

The following are a few tips to help you utilize both the positive and the negative press.

Never Turn Down Press

If people are talking about you and your music, that means that you’re doing something right. Do not dismiss free exposure, as every little bit counts.

The only thing more prominent in the music business than who you know is actually who knows you. Meaning, bad press and good press are just as powerful.

Make Sure They Mention Your Name

Recognition of your name is one of the most important keys to success in entertainment. Although a magazine may print out something not so brilliant about your music or band, chances are weeks later all that audiences will remember is your name.

This is the value of the press.

Also, even if listeners read what these magazines have written, they will want to listen to it themselves.

Turn Bad Press Into Good

Sometimes, you just can’t do anything about it. Even the best of the bands and singers receive a bad article here and there. But, there are ways to turn that around.

First, it’s all about the editing. Eventually, it is your press and not every word should be bad. Just ignore the parts that make you look bad and leave the rest in to make it seem as a good article. Second, define the negative as positive. No matter what’s written in the article, act as if you perceive it as great. Turn judgment into humor and insults into entertainment. 

No one ever said that the music business is easy, but you will always have ways to turn things your way. Seek out the positive publicity and simply view the negativity to a small pump on your road to success.

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