So, how to calculate playlist promo and results, A performing, recording, or independent musician has a 5% chance to live solely off their music. This includes musicians who live with their family unit, are a part of a large music label, and the ones who spend at least 30% of their working hours performing in venues, bars, and everything in between. The stereotype of the starving artist has seldom changed over the last century, but the hope digital outlets generate has given musicians of this generation a leg up on their senior counterparts. Where cd sales and demo tapes dominated the revenue stream only 30 years ago, today the individual track, the stream, the view, and finally the live show are today inescapable for both reaching one’s fans, expanding your brand, and making cold hard cash. 

In light of this new form of digital dominion, the industry of playlisting has exploded and is now the main gateway for artists to get their music out into the world. Riddled with bot accounts the market is difficult to navigate, but there is hope, finding the right agency to rummage through the fraudulent accounts is your best bet as 1 false flag, and your song is toast!

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