Spotify keeps bringing innovative ideas to the table, and that’s why it remains the leading name in the industry. One of the company’s latest achievements was the release of the personalized playlist feature, known as “On Repeat,” which is the second personalized playlist for advertising after “Discover Weekly.”

With the “On Repeat” feature, the company now helps artists increase their streams, and simultaneously maximizes user’s experience. Finally, it can help advertisers in knowing how to approach potential customers.

The company described the new feature as a “win-win for Spotify Free listeners and brands alike”.

Ever since the release of the feature in 2019, the playlist has crossed the 12 billion streams, where fans have spent more than 750 million hours enjoying their playlist. Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, among other A-List artists smashed the category with record high streamings. The stats also added that the age group that spends the most time on the playlist is those between 18-24 years old. In terms of locations, the US population was the top consumer, followed by Mexico, Germany, and Brazil. 

As a matter of fact, TurboTax, one of the companies that jumped into utilizing the feature, said that they will be using Spotify as a tool to have a clearer understanding of users, ultimately to know who to target and how to approach them best. 

Spotify is not only a streaming service; it is continuing to expand its horizons further. In fact, Spotify is known for its easy navigation interface, and also provides musicians with statistics and numbers to measure their music marketing strategy efficiency. 

In addition to that, the latest feature can also help sponsors select the artist or song for their upcoming marketing strategies. For instance, if Ariana Grande dropped a bop project which was featured in the “On Repeat” playlist of many, before X brand approached Ariana for their future collaborations. 

With the personalized “On Repeat” playlists, Mcdonald’s can approach you to market their sundaes, while the same company can approach your sister to brand their McNuggets or their big Mac, all based on your insights. Note that the latest feature is now available for advertising in 30 different markets in America (North and South), Europe, and APAC.

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