The entertainment industry is filled with myths about “making it,” and many people wanting to start a music career fear those myths are true. The made-up perceptions not only create taboos but also serve uselessness to the industry. These myths have destructive natures. That is why we decided to break down the most common of them in the industry and help the talented, independent artists relieve themselves from the stress and disbelief. 

By the way, you still need to have a solid music marketing plan to reach any career-related goals regardless if you have let go of these myths.

A Step By Step Music Marketing Plan Creation will help you understand music marketing to improve your music self-promoted music career. To avoid some common marketing mistakes, you should read Music Marketing Misconceptions before going through the industry’s central myths.

1.You Won’t Make It Unless You Know Someone 

Myth #1 that you need to know someone for your business to succeed, not everyone who started from scratch had someone in the music industry to help them out with their career. 

The simplest example of that can be the talent competition shows such as “”The X Factor, or the American Idol, or even The voice.”” Understandably, networking is vital in general, but it is not crucial to building a music career. This is a myth as old as the industry itself: an oldie but goodie. It can be that the industry itself has been represented as such in movies, where you always had a talented artist singing and hoping the producer to be in the back listening to the. Obviously, knowing people familiar with the industry’s rules who know how to ease the journey is no harm. However, you need to make all the essential connections in the business as your career progresses, and that is the natural process. 

People invest in people not because they know someone who recommended them, but because they are talented and see the potential of success in them.

 Music Trends of 2020: The Future of The Industry will help you understand where the industry is heading. Knowing the trends always helps to define your chances. 

2.You Won’t Make It Unless You Live in a Big City

The place can not determine your success-only you can. Decades ago, when there was no internet, there were a couple of big cities where you needed to travel or move there to make it. Whereas, now, when all the communication is done virtually, the industry’s place does not matter as much, since you can achieve so much from your current residing place. You need to trust yourself and not let others persuade you of things you are not sure of; by just believing yourself and your own efforts, you can contact music labels, producers, and artists living hundreds of miles away from you. 

You can even record your song and promote your song from your room. One of the many tricks of the last decade is that you can enjoy instead of worrying about record studios, labels, and big cities. If you wonder how to record a song at home, check Doing Song Masters In The Master Bedroom. It will be your complete guide to recording in the comfort of your room. 

3.You Won’t Make It Unless You Have The Right Age

Starting a career in entertainment, especially in music, is firmly and falsely associated with age. Because of this myth, it is considered that artists have to be young to start a music career and that there is the “too old for it” phase in their career lifetime. Some say that the best years to form a job are your 20s, others suggest that it is too late to start after your 30’s, and there are many other versions of this myth that have nothing to do with reality. The fact is that there are many musicians in their late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and more. Many artists start late, and many continue singing and giving concerts outside of the myth ages. 

Think about Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler, Serj Tankian, and many legendary artists; those guys still rock the stage as they did during the peak of their fame. The same happens in the pop scene. Madonna is still making her fans enjoy her incredible shows, the same with Britney Spears and others. Also, let’s not forget about “The Real Slim Shady,” a.k.a Eminem blowing up minds with new tracks at the age of 48. If you bring something valuable to the table, you become successful, and success will follow you. Read about Key Factors To Help You Make It In The Music Industry and focus on brainstorming ideas rather than on Myths.

There is a lot inside our minds forced by society and media to hold us back from our dreams and success. Don’t let the myths stop you. MusicPromoToday has many blogs, both music and music marketing related, that will help you on your way in the music industry.