There are countless songs and remixes out there, but only a few make it to the top. Why is that the case? We are about to spill the secret sauce involved in this hush-hush activity. 

For starters, let us go over a thought bubble just to warm up a bit, before getting into the juicy stuff.

“We found love in a …..”

I can confirm that any Gen Z will be able to fill in the blanks, the majority if not all will also recall that it is Rihanna and Calvin Harries’ song, and they will most probably know the entire track by heart. 

Is it only because every Gen Z is a Rihanna fan? Not really! 

Below we have listed the ingredients that make up this secret sauce of having a hit project:

  • Genuine and Authentic Lyrics: There are ample numbers of songs about love, breakups, success, fame, money, etc. but what sets the platinum-certified projects apart from the rest is that they have a unique approach to storytelling. Meaning, do not dare to recycle already existing lyrics or beats. Always mix, match and experiment till you come up with catchy ear candies. Believe it or not, consumers nowadays appreciate eccentric projects that are packed with honest lyrical content and have an authentic feel.
  • Repetition: repeating several lines or melodies throughout your song is a key factor, however, it is worth noting that if you overdo it, it might kill your project. Be sure to keep a balance and pick up the catchiest segment that will easily get stuck in the head of listeners. 
  • Infusion of Genres: there isn’t any formula as to what genres should or shouldn’t be mixed together. We have seen artists mixing electronic songs with Pop or house with indie pop, and although listeners did not see it coming, they loved the blend.  
  • Correct timing: For instance, all those who released their projects amidst the global pandemic had a skyrocketing increase in the number of streams, mainly since people were bound by either consuming Netflix or streaming the latest songs on Spotify. 
  • The Importance of Visuals: Do not underestimate the power of music videos because if the video is cosmetically pleasing, then viewers will watch it on repeat; those will ultimately result in the song getting stuck in their head (you know the drill after that). 

There are other technical tips to arm the artists with, however we might spill them in a separate blog. Before we wrap this up, as a side note, be sure to introduce the chorus of your song at the beginning of your track. Additionally, craft a unique melody that listenseres will immediately identify as being yours. The final piece of advice would be to have a top-notch production offering the right balance between an intro, body, and outro and topped with musical incongruity. 

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