Since “Let’s TikTok together” became a familiar phrase, even for those who have never opened the app, it was evident that TikTok made a boom in social media no one was expecting. One person, in particular, wasn’t entirely happy about the surprise: President Trump was sure TikTok was a threat to national security

As predicted in The Toxicity of YouTube’s New Algorithm, TikTok’s Uncertain Future, Instagram Reels & Virtual Events back in time, the questionable future of TikTok opened an excellent opportunity for another platform. Instagram introduced Instagram Reels, a mere clone of TikTok with a slight difference of Trump not hating on it. So, it was highly predictable that Reels would try to steal the spotlight and aim to fill the TikTok ban gap. 

The expectations from Reels were pretty high, considering it was not just a new feature of Instagram but also the platform’s anticipated moving force. Reels allow users to create short-form videos, pick music from a library, and share with friends and followers; everything TikTok already offered to its users. Still, numerous panicked TikTokers got persuaded to look for alternatives, and for Reels, it was the time to shine. 

The already formed and stable TikTok community, a new digitally native generation of social media users with their new platform, refuses to replace their favorite app with a new feature that just copied some functions. As Zuckerberg mentioned earlier, when being grilled on the subject, “the social media giant just adapted its features.” 

Creators on TikTok were not happy neither with the ban nor with Facebook’s initiative. Users have found Reels to be not only failing as TikTok’s clone but also being confusing, as Taylor Lorenz, internet culture writer from The New York Times and resident TikTok expert, claims

TikTok became huge thanks to its trends and challenges, which became the app’s soul and spirit, whereas Reels does not even make it easy to discover other Reels. Meanwhile, TikTok does not seem to prepare to leave the scene anytime soon as TikTok creators successfully block U.S. app ban with lawsuit. The app has already introduced its new feature, Stitch, which is getting popular at a fascinating pace. You can dive deeper into the feature in TikTok’s New Feature Stitch Is Here To Help You Promote Your Music

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