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Recently, a former Snapchat employee, Chloë Drimal, who previously architected the “Our Stories” product, launched her own social app, Yoni Circle. The app already counts users from 1,000 different cities across 80 countries. Even though the idea of creating the app came to Chloë way before Covid-19 entered our daily lives, and the beta version of Yoni Circle was quietly operating since April 2020; the pandemic helped generate the initial interest in the product. 

According to Chloë, she felt the need to create the app when she started to feel unhappy due to being taken off the “Our Stories” product to work on Snapchat’s other projects – a difficult time in her career, as she stated. Now Yoni Circle is a rising start-up with L.A. and New York-based teams of seven backed by $1.3 million in pre-seed funding, led by BoxGroup. Its list of investors includes such prominent names as  Cassius Family, Advancit, and angels, including Rent the Runway co-founder Jenny Fleiss, Mirror founder, and CEO Brynn Putnam, Beme CTO Matt Hackett, early Snap engineer Daniel Smith. Chloë started the project with the help of former Snap engineer Akiva Bamberger, now a Yoni Circle advisor, who built the quickly developing platform’s beta version. 

Yoni Circle is a membership-based community aiming to connect womxn using storytelling through live video chat sessions and pre-recorded stories available at any time. It has two main features, the interactive Storytelling Circles component, and the more passive Yoni Radio. 

Storytelling Circles allows users to join 60-minute moderated live video chat sessions moderated by trained members who can later train others to be future moderators. Each group includes up to six womxn who connect by listening to each others’ stories. The sessions’ themes will be diverse and range from yoga classes, book clubs to cooking classes and more. The moderator will give the theme during the event so no one will have time to prepare for the discussion; it will flow naturally as a real-life conversation. 

Surprisingly enough, the start-up sees its future beyond online communication. They are enthusiastic about entering the post-pandemic market with in-person events to connect the platform’s members further.

Yoni Circle is a perfect tool for empowering all womxn of any size, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity; it is a safe platform where everyone is welcomed without prejudice or bigotry, no matter what. Hopefully, Chloë and her beautiful team will succeed in making society a better and safer place for womxn. 

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