Because of Covid-19 entering our lives with no apologies, a lot has changed in the world. In the music industry too, we had to learn to do things differently from what we were used to. 

Most of the music entertainment issues were solved thanks to Instagram live streams, but those tricks can never give the feeling people would get from real concerts. Thus another big trend in 2020 became drive-in concerts. If organized appropriately, they ensure security during the Covid-19 pandemic and, at the same time, pass the vibe of the good old concert culture we all miss so much. 

As MusicPromoToday made its responsibility to keep you updated on recent trends and useful tips in the music industry, we decided to share a full guideline of hosting safe and secure drive-in concerts.  

Choosing the Space

Choosing the right space for the concert has always been the number one priority for any host. However, with the coronavirus situation going on, space choice is drastically limited due to safety issues. 

Organizing a drive-in concert in 2020 means you have to think not only about cars fitting into the area but also about the space between them and the distance between the vehicles and the stage. When hosting a pandemic era concert, keep in mind that the distance is key to security and a priority in the venue’s choice. 

Choose a Popular Artist, but Not Too Popular 

With the pandemic’s additional space requirements, packing the area is unnecessary and against the law. The usual concert organizing mentality of choosing the best artists to sell more tickets is not relevant to the situation. Enough known artists/bands will ensure necessary sales considering that the audience is hungry for live concerts and offline entertainment options. It does not mean you can choose anyone but open your mind to the possibility of giving an opportunity to new promising artists/bands or up and coming musicians. 

Define the Optimal Price 

Pandemic hit the economy hard enough that economists are not sure if the world will recover from it any time soon. If the topic interests you, take a look at If the Great Depression Is Any Indication, Things Won’t Just Go Back to ‘Normal’ After the Coronavirus Pandemic Ends. Considering the economic uncertainty, be prepared for possible ticket price changes. Figuring out the sweet spot of the price compared to the size of the audience may take time. Do not rush it, and remember that affordability is a vital factor in selling during a pandemic. 

Solve the Nitty-Gritty 

Solving the bathroom issue is never the most pleasant part of the concert organization. Still, it is one of the most critical aspects. It would be best if you found a safe and stable solution. To get more insights into options, check Portable Toilet & Temporary Fence Rentals for Music Festivals. Considering the situation Covid-19 caused, you have to follow not only basic sanitary rules but also the ones specific to the pandemic defined by your own government. 

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