The global pandemic has changed the music business forever; artists had to adapt to the new formats of marketing their music, connecting with fans, and even organizing concerts. You can read how virtual events went viral due to the situation, while Live streaming also became a thing in the new digital world order

Covid-19 entered our lives unexpectedly, surfacing both the best and the worst qualities of humanity. Some have seen the new developments as an opportunity to get innovative and creative, developing new tools and methods to help people stay connected amid a global pandemic. Meanwhile, some viewed the extraordinary circumstances as an excellent opportunity to scam others and steal their money online. 

Among many CANCELLED Music Events Due to COVID-19-Coronavirus, Zoë Keating’s live concert scheduled initially on August 30 also got canceled. No wonder why fans were disappointed, and scammers didn’t lose a minute to turn the situation to their advantage. Guess who helped them? Facebook! Of course, indirectly, but as the platform was used to create a fake, live-streamed version of the show, it also instantly became the center of attention, and not in a good way. Even though Keating and her loyal fans were quick to report to the platform’s customer service, no actions were taken by Facebook. 

Keating later reported via her Twitter account, “On Sunday, I discovered a fake Facebook event advertising a nonexistent Livestream for one of my covid-canceled concerts. My fans and I reported the scam. Facebook replied that the event does not violate their community standards & suggested users change their news feed settings,” adding the screenshot of the response she got from Facebook. 

Different artist groups were devastated by the situation itself but also found Facebook’s actions or the lack of such quite disappointing. Many have sent letters to a number of law enforcement types, such as the Attorneys General of the United States, California, and Vermont, as well as to the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, which has direct regulatory authority over false advertising, demanding justice for Zoe and her fans.  

“Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act,” as Dietrich Bonhoeffer famously said. 

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