Making money with a music career is incredibly hard when writing an album or promoting a tour. So when getting the first paychecks, do not blow them on celebrations. Instead, consider it just the beginning of your path and use the first money you get to invest in yourself and your career.

Some musicians raise money with a specific goal in mind and consider the mission accomplished after getting the money. In contrast, others reinvest in their future albums, video clips, singles releases, and careers. 

This article from MusicPromoToday will tell you how to invest smartly, not waste the money and get super-duper results. Follow us for more hands-on tips on music marketing and check 15 Great Music Marketing Tips for 2020 to get a general idea about the industry’s trending tips. 

You can dive deep and consume all the information out there on music promotion, but nothing will pay off without smart investments. So let’s start with the basics! 

1. Get a Professional Software

To record music, everyone starts with what they have. It is entirely normal to record your first songs with minimum hardware, but whenever you get a chance to invest in the proper software, do it without hesitation. It will help to level up your work to professional standards. 

Consider buying DAW software, such as Ableton, ProTools, or Logic. There are thousands of tutorials that can help you with using your new software, but it will be great to invest in training to get everything possible out of your brand new purchase if you have a chance. 

2.New Gear – New Music 

If you want to invest in your career but do not know how to do it smartly, just know that investing in gear is always a priority. The gear is something your sound quality depends highly on. 

Do whatever it takes to improve your sound: expand the drum kit, get a better condenser mic, upgrade your instruments, and home studio if you have one.

New instruments will bring new life to your music. This investment may cost you some serious money, but it will get the most bang to your buck. 

3.Invest in Social Media Promotion

It’s not a secret that social media is the best way to reach the audience. Whether you want to promote a new song, album, or event, social media will help you do it faster and give you a bigger target to reach than any other existing platform. 

The best part is that it will require a tiny portion of the budget to bring notable results. Consider investing in social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms you use to promote your brand. Please do not use the same tactic for all platforms as each of them has specifications. Different platforms are for additional messages, and if you activated and ad on Facebook, that does not mean you have to put ads on other platforms as well. Just keep following social media trends and be active.

It is always easier to figure out what to do rather than what to avoid doing. To figure it out, check 6 Social Media Strategy Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

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