Everyone loves Spotify, artists and listeners alike! As an artist, you get to set up ads with amazing metrics no other streaming platform can provide like measuring what your ads are driving – listeners, new listeners, streams and even the intent rate (deeper actions from the listeners such as adding a song to playlists or liking it). All of this allows artists and marketers to figure out the cost for driving more listeners or streams and so on. Since Spotify offers both audio and video ads, the question becomes which one of the two is more efficient to use?

Wavo Labs found that the audio ads are the way to go in order to maximize streams specifically because according to their study audio ads yield “47% more impressions per dollar compared to video ads”. They also found that people who listened to the audio ad had “22% higher number of Average Streams, indicating this group was more likely to re-listen to advertised music”.

Spotify ads report says that audio ads drive about “13.71% more streams per dollar” than video ads. 

Music marketers and artist can now efficiently use ads to acquire more streams and more fans!

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