Promotion for any artist musician starts with their appearance on music blogs.

So ask yourself, how does one get the best music blogs about their art? The music industry is saturated with independent artists competing to come out on top of the blog list. What every musician needs are articles and submission strategies that are going to bring them ahead of the curve and stand out in comparison to the rest. 

Be it Groover music, Spotify promotions, or music NFTs, the written medium of music blogs is what differentiates the “must hear” from the “let’s give it a chance”.

You should start by looking at the top music blogs currently operating online.

Even if they are unrelated to the musical style you prefer, you should still look at what they have in common and what sets them apart from one another. The objective is to discover inspiration, and establish a basic frame of reference rather than to replicate the vibe of the website.

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