Getting your new music and releases discovered, raising your streaming statistics, and being included on algorithmic playlists like “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” might appear to be difficult tasks. There are several ways to encourage more people to listen to your new music on Spotify.

To find out how to “hack” the Spotify algorithm, you must first comprehend the worth of a listen from Spotify’s perspective, as well as Spotify’s 30-second rule.

What is Spotify’s 30-Second Rule?

Spotify values the opening 30 seconds of a song more than anything else. If a listener stays through the 30-second mark of your tune, that’s a positive indication. Furthermore, that is the point at which a stream gets monetized.

If someone listens to your songs for less than 30 seconds, Spotify does not count it as an official play in their database. What’s worse, if you’re driving people to your Spotify and they only listen to 5 – 10 seconds of your tunes before departing, you might be harming your Spotify’s reputation and algorithm.

If we want to dominate algorithms, we have to understand algorithms.

Spotify Algorithm Explained For Musicians

Like any social media platform, we have to play that algorithm game. Make sure we are getting people coming back to your Spotify so that we can get them listening time and time again. So, how do you beat the Spotify algorithm and possibly end up in someone’s “Discover Weekly” or “Release Radar” playlist?

#1 Treat Your Spotify Account Like A Social Media Account

Keeping your profile updated to include the most recent content and information will delight both your growing fans and Spotify’s algorithm.

#2 Upload Songs More Regularly

Spotify wants listeners to spend as much time as possible on their platform. As a result, posting more frequently can be beneficial. For instance, remixes, demos, acoustic versions… These are fast strategies to add additional tunes to your Spotify playlist without raising your writing frequency much.

#3 Point All Of Your Marketing On Spotify

After the release of your song, direct all of your links to Spotify and begin actively funneling your traffic there. For instance, IG bio link, IG story link, email bio link, FB banner link, pinned post on FB, YouTube description… 

#4 Make Your Own Spotify Playlist

Your artist playlist provides excellent leverage. Not only are you expressing something, but you are also providing more information about yourself and the beginnings of your music. It brings your audience a little closer to you.

#5 Add An Artist Pick On Your Profile

It’s the ideal opportunity to properly promote a certain song and provide a focal point to your Spotify profile. It might be a single, your most recent release, or simply a song you’re very pleased with. Put it at the top and direct your listeners in the right direction.

#6 Create Artwork That Grabs Attention

When it comes to capturing folk’s attention online, your artwork is yet another option. It’s all about instilling curiosity in your audience through your marketing. Your album or single artwork must tell a story while standing out from the crowd of other singles and albums.

#7 Hyper Targeting With Advertising

When it comes to social media promotion you must be hyper-targeted. Make the advertisement catch viewers’ interest in the first three seconds since ads that catch your audience’s attention perform better. Also, in terms of interest targeting, restrict the scope. You must specify who should view your ad on social media networks.

#8 Get A Pre-Save Link For Your Release

This is great since you can build a queue of people waiting by the entrance for when your music goes live, resulting in instant streaming. As you might expect, this is excellent for increasing audience interest and buzz, but it’s also wonderful for Spotify’s algorithm.

#9 Utilize The Power Of Spotify For Artists

It is critical to have access to the backend dashboard. As a freelance artist, you have great access to tools and knowledge. It is critical to learn more about your target audience. You may utilize it in all elements of your marketing, including future hyper-targeting advertisements.

#10 Submit Your New Songs To Playlists

Aside from the algorithm discovering your music and posting it on sites like “Discover Weekly,” you should consider submitting your current releases and songs to playlist curators, website owners, and editors who run playlists in your genres. User-curated playlists may be quite popular and have a large following.

Now, Spotify hacks are great, but if you truly want to expand your profile, you must treat it as a platform. Spend more time, and effort, and focus on Spotify rather than merely utilizing it as a showcase of your work. Remember that Spotify is a social media platform. It is your responsibility to offer individuals a cause to return.