Today, those who understand the music industry and its inner processes know that having an active social page for every musician has become vital. Platforms like Instagram play an essential role in promoting your music. Instagram, as a platform, is constantly evolving and adding new features curated to make your music career and online presence flourish.

Here are the top 7 tips to succeed in promoting your art!

  • Create an Impressive Instagram Bio

Quite a few musicians do not make any effort to create impressive, memorable bios. This is unfortunate as your bio is the first and most decisive step toward achieving fame. The username you choose for your Instagram account should be both impressive and easy to remember. Avoid using numbers and punctuation marks in your name․ Be more creative in your choice, as your username may become your business card in the future. 

Instead of listing your musical skills in the bio section, you can write down an engaging personal story that will best describe your true nature. Fans know about your talent very well and, naturally, they want to get inspired by your personality too.

Your profile picture should reflect both your essence and the music you choose to make. Choose a picture that best reflects the genre of music you play. And remember, it is not obligatory to have professional shots.

  • Use Hashtags

Hashtags are key to an effective promotion. They are the best guides for your fans to find your posts and form relationships with others in your field.

Categorize your posts using hashtags. This will make your fans’ and followers’ lives easier, by redirecting them to posts of a particular type. Use the hashtags that are most popular and relevant to your post so that the algorithm works best to expose your content.

  • Use Stories and IGTV to Showcase Your Music

If you want to amaze your followers, you should regularly create stories and never leave IGTV empty. You can choose the catchiest part of your song, and use 15-second stories to get your fans engaged. Stories allow you to promote any content that relates to your music such as singles, albums, music videos, and so on. 

IGTV allows you to upload up to 15 minutes when you upload via the app, and up to 60 minutes when uploading directly from the website, allowing you to upload the full new single and even the full music video of your art and more.

  • Live Performance

Always be in touch with your fans. Show your admirers that you care about them and thereby strengthen the bond between you and your worshippers. Organize frequent live Q&As, quizzes, and games, let them know more about your inner world. 

Fans usually try to be like their idols and often want to see different episodes from their lives. Perform lives frequently and showcase what you do every day so that your followers can emulate the day-to-day activities of their musical idols.

  • Use Paid Posts To Promote Your Music

While many artists shy away from posting paid ads, this is a working option. If you want to make sure your post is seen by the greatest number of people you have to pay and promote them. Sponsored posts help musicians gain awareness, increase engagement for new songs, and revive old ones.

  • High-Quality Content Matters

Instagram is originally a photo platform which means they need to be chosen carefully. Remember, the more low-quality photos you post, the more your social media presence will suffer as a musician. Take care of your posts as they are a reflection of your music career.

  • Don’t Forget to Tag Relevant Accounts

When you make a post or a story on your music’s Instagram, tagging the accounts of any labels, musicians, or other artists who appear in it is a great promotional strategy. The user will automatically share it with followers and tag you in future posts with you, hence guaranteeing your profile’s high exposure. 

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