Even the most popular and successful artists who gather millions of people still have their fans for life and by fans for life, we mean real fans who will support them throughout their whole music career and life. Those fans are like families and friends.

But there are some situations in which the only fan base artists have is their own family and friends. Despite wanting to expand your reach, never think of it as something bad either.
Families and friends are your foundation, just make sure they are bringing more and more people to your live performances thus making your audience expand.

Your fans are not all the same. There are passive fans who are only connected with you online and may have never heard of you. And there is a group of superfans, a loyal and dedicated crowd of people who actively evangelize your music to others. But most of your fans will be somewhere in between these two extremes.

Superfans are your gold because they are the ones who will not just share your music with others but in most cases will spend time with you on your live streams which is very good for you as it will bring you income in the form of tips and Patreon. It will boost up your sales of merch and tickets as well.

MusicPromoToday shares with you 5 important tips on how to create emotional connections to your fans.

1. Fan’s Journey – Plan It

When potential fans first discover you, they want to get to know you better. That’s when their journey begins. First, they hear your playlist on Spotify. If they like what they hear, then the next step is checking your artist profile.
It must be properly filled in with up to date information about you. If a fan goes to your artist profile and your bio is empty, if there are no images (or bad quality images which is worse), no links to your social media accounts, there is a great chance that they will leave your page and never come back. So you have to organize all your accounts on each social platform, because if your Spotify artist profile looks good, then the next step they are going to take is checking your Instagram profile. So depending on what a person will see on your social pages, you may gain or lose another superfan.

2. Email Lists Are More Important Than You Think

You have to realize that fans who sign up to your mailing list actually want to hear from you. That is why building and using an email list is so important. According to optinmonster 60% of consumers state that they have made a purchase as the result of a marketing message they received by email. On the flip side, only 12.5% of them even consider a buy button as a purchase driver on social media. So in conclusion we may say that personal and direct interaction is more valuable for both sides than just a follow on Instagram.

3. BTS – Not The South Korean Boy Band

BTS stands for behind the scenes. And we believe that the best way to establish an emotional connection with your fans is by taking them BTS.This way they can see more than just their favorite artist or band on a stage but also take a deeper look onto things that are happening before or after the shows.

Actually, BTS is a cool marketing tool as your fans may go live on their social accounts raising awareness for your band.

4. Don’t Count Only On Music

Yes, music is the main reason your fans are with you. But it is not enough to keep fans by your side only with your music. There should be other themes like charity, sports, food, gaming, a fashion which may help you establish a firm emotional connection with your fans.

Besides that, this is something called niche marketing and since a niche is a very specific segment of a market, those who support and act from within are much more likely to be passionate about it than someone who supports a broad topic.

5. Name Your Fans

Create a tribe with your fans and be their leader. This is the ultimate way to build a strong emotional relationship between you and your fan group. This way your fans will perceive themselves as a part of something great which leads to insiders and outsiders. This will guarantee a strong emotional connection not just between you and your fans but among your fans as well.
Fans within these tribes are the ones who look for every opportunity to buy a new release, ticket or t-shirt, and are the first to share a new music video.

To get a better idea of how to build a fandom on social media, head to our blog section, and learn more about the latest music promotion trends.