The wave of coronavirus has certainly changed the entertainment industry systemically. Physical concerts were replaced by live streams, and screens became our go-to place for posting and promoting content. 

Many thought that soon, concerts would die as governments urged their citizens to adhere to the global restrictions by locking themselves inside their houses. But in the meantime, artists found ways of showcasing their talents and reconnecting with their audience. 

Below are the four things in the music industry that the pandemic could not change.

1- Popularity of Music: 

Music has proved to be the ultimate way of coping. Many felt the urge to create playlists as a way of connecting with people. The pandemic challenged the music industry, making it obvious that music holds a magical power in comforting people in these utterly difficult times. There is a rough guesstimate that people turned to music during the pandemic. Fans also kept on asking their favorite artists to recommend the songs and playlists that helped them get through the lockdown.

2 – Creativity: 

In response to the global pandemic, physical activities were suspended. Which in turn obliged artists to reach to their fans through online services like Twitch and IG TV.

Creators came up with innovative and alternative techniques to stay in touch with their audience. 

Take Hamilton, for instance, the Broadway show’s cast was united on Zoom (watch below).

Also, to have a laugh, check out the below music video which was made to help people cope with the situation.

3 – Streaming Services:

The pandemic has revolutionized the way people consume music. For instance, the U.S. has experienced a change in consumer behavior, where people are no longer opting for radios, but on the contrary, they are using Siri and Alexa to help them find the songs they are looking for.  

According to Tsai Chun Pan, Group Vice President of Tencent Music Entertainment, in China alone, the online music subscription revenues of TME have increased by 70.0%. Also, Spotify claimed that people are consuming more relaxing genres and are mostly active on weekends.

4 – Online Promotions:

As more and more people started adhering to the global COVID restrictions, social media platforms have seen an increase in activity. For example, Twitters’ activity alone was increased by 23% compared to last year. This indicates that since outings are restricted, people are mostly spending their time online. Thus, if you are looking for branding yourself and your latest work, now is the perfect time to do just that.

Undoubtedly, the creative industry was strongly hit by the pandemic, yet it proved to the world that the industry has a far greater impact than what was commonly acknowledged before the crisis. 

Until getting back to our previous life, streaming services and virtual concerts will be the central platforms of our new reality.

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